O U R   S E R V I C E S

Since starting out in 2018, We has offered a complete array of various licensing solutions to help promote your businesses. By providing a one-stop solution, please let us accomodate your licensing needs.

Intermediary Service​

Some people find it difficult to understand and deal with Japanese companies. We will negotiate for you to meet every needs of both your business and the licensor.

IP & Royalty Management

Calculating royalties with all the parameters such as Minimum Guarantee, recoup formula, etc, is not that easy and quite daunting. We will calculate and generate reports for you.

Business Development & Consultation​

Exploitation of anime license has many expansion possibilities but is very tricky due to the nature of Intellectual Property and Rights. We will provide you free consultation for any license development and other exploitation of the license you acquire.

Translation & Subtitling​

All Japanese contents only have Japanese language and might include local jokes that is difficult to understand by local people. We have an experienced translation team and partner that can localize Japanese accurately.

Video Editing

Handling raw files of material provided by licensors may take a lot of your time. Along with subtitles, we deliver full edited and rendered video files of any license you acquire.

Graphic Design​

We can handle if you have no creative team to design for your promotional purpose.

Social Media Exposure​

Reduce your marketing costs greatly by gaining access to hardcore fans of anime and other Japanese contents for your targeted marketing.

Media Agency

Promote your business through one of the the biggest media in Indonesia related to Japanee pop culture, Jurnal Otaku Indonesia, and our other affiliated media platforms.

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