Delivering Japanese and global contents to Indonesia

PONIMU is a Licensing House for anime-based IP that aims to bring global contents legally to entertain Indonesia through various media.


Build a strong and healthy fanbase for pop culture contents and industry in Indonesia


Provide a legal access of contents, educate people, and connect everybody in the creative industry in order to accelerate the market maturity.

Contents Market in Indonesia

While Indonesia has more than 250 millions of population and a high potential to be a giant fanbase for Japanese contents, Indonesia has always been faced with a challenging issue, which is the wide usage of pirated contents.  The market itself is very unique and has proven to be not easy to penetrate for some Japanese products.

Because the Japanese contents, especially anime, that are legally introduced in Indonesia are very limited, anime fans in Indonesia still struggle to enjoy the latest contents, thus giving them no other option than to adopt piracy culture.


In order to grow, Indonesia needs an easy access to legal contents and a solid platform to develop a strong community. 

How big is the anime market?

Anime business has become a giant market that cannot be ignored globally. Following the booming of broadband internet, the market recently expanded continuously, recording the highest sales for 4 (four) consecutive years. The size of the market crossed 2 trillion yen mark driven by overseas sales.

Ponimu as a licensing solution

People find it not easy to acquire Japanese contents. Moreover, because of the existence of production committee system in anime industry, people often become confused and do not know where to contact if they want to acquire an anime license. We provide a one-stop-service solution that covers all your needs.

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